Oct – Nov – Dec 2019

I truly have so many stories to share and update. Day to day we as family went through so many good and bad ordeals. My husband was looking for job, and he already had few choices in hand, yet uncertainty prevailed. I had been working back to back from July second week onwards, trying to … Continue reading Oct – Nov – Dec 2019

Best Friends Tangled

So I had cut out this black tile piece for a project. Well the project didn't go successfully, but my eyes fell on this other half of the tile, resting on my mobile stand. It camaflauged so well that it almost looked I had painted my black tile with white paint (here white of the … Continue reading Best Friends Tangled

Zentangle Advance Black Class Nov 2019

Zentangle® Advance Black ClassANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, ONE STROKE AT A TIME! – ZENTANGLE, HQNote from the Artist:Hi,We have been having successful group and private Zentangle Sessions in last couple of months, so thought of expanding the lessons further. I, Aishwarya Darbha, as a Zentangle® Enthusiastic Artist and a Certified Zentangle® Teacher, have brought yet another … Continue reading Zentangle Advance Black Class Nov 2019