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WEEKLY CHALLENGE #18 Gottago, CrescentMoon, Alaura

Tangles – #gottago #alaura #crescentmoon #tanglewithintangle

Weekly Inspiration #18 #Gottago.

This was such an amazing experience. After #Gottago tangle came out satisfactorily, from nowhere I remembered the #crescentmoon tangle, and it fitted so perfectly, created a tangle-within-a-tangle.

 At the end, I felt very challenging to add #Alaura #Tangle in the centre, but these days I have become a kind of risk taker, pushing myself to the edge of a challenge and attempted it.. Now I am so glad I tried! I am feeling super happy 😊!

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My Introductory on Zentangle Art

You will probably hear more of this word “first” in coming posts. Not because I am crazy, but because, each time I tried my hands in Zentangle art, my experience has come out new. Each time I fell different within, and so are the lessons that are attached with it.
How did Zetangle Art happened to me?
I came across this name in mid of July 2015, while I was trying my work straight on a canvas board. I was going through the Pinterest App, and found so many people are actually doodling this pretty art. At first glance, I thought, it was so difficult and infact, I really don’t possess any gifted talent to excel in this art.. So like any amateur, I just copied down few designs from other artists, but used different medium for it. My Fevicryl 3D Outliners for my Zentangle Inspired Art on a canvas board came out pretty well. It took about 11 hours to complete and I had actually skipped my midnight sleep and sat for straight 6 hours in absolute silence and other 5 hours after two hours of nap. Yeah, I call that, #myartmadness.
So even after that piece of try, I was not inspired to take my art-love so seriously. After all, I was not sure, if I can devote so much of time and patience, especially knowing how busy my schedules were with my daughter and work load at home and with people around.
But then after few months, with intervention of Divine Grace, a very special and unique kind of spiritual experience at the Oneness Temple, I got very attracted to Zentangle Art. I was on that day reminded of all my childhood learnings, achievements, success, goodness and my own stories of hardships and challenges that I grew past off, that which got forgotten with time. It was not just a recollection of those memories, but I felt, like the little child in me had once again woke up to its reality. It came hitting me very hard that as a kid I loved doing Sketching/Drawing.
My Past on Love for Drawing:
I was probably 4 years old, when I saw my mom painting a beautiful Lord Ganesha, 2ft tall,in an Oil Canvas. Daily I used to watch my mom do it with all dedication and sincerity and I think that was my inspiration point. My parents were also very appreciative of my handwriting. So they used to encourage me a lot in writing.
And so I was never bored as I would always carry a book or my personal diary everywhere and would sit and scribble for a long time. I always wanted to learn more in art, like I wanted to be like my mother good at drawing, colouring, painting, etc. But I never knew to express my desire for it, even to my parents. I just thought, my drawing was just another hobby, something that one do ‘for passing time’ and it is not meant to be taken too seriously. So I never really gave importance. Yet, I would doodle here and there, mostly on the rough pages/lined pages, backside my school note, and if it turned out well, would tear and file the same somewhere. So my last sketch was when I was in 9th grade, and my class-teacher and classmates applauded. Now when I think, that experience probably should have been a life-turning moment. But rather, I just excused myself from art as I realized that I had to give more time to my regular studies. Then years later, when computers came to fame, I tried hands on blogging. I also continued my other hobbies  like poetry writing, journal writing, reading, etc, but faded away with time.
My Present:
And now after so many years, , I am here, inspired to do more of Zentangle and Doodles. Since I have a school going kid and hubby who works at odd hours, I am unable to work for long hours or everyday, but I try my best that I devote 4-5 hours a week on the Zentangle Practice. For me, doing Zentangle is a spiritual experience. While I am doing the art, my whole being is fully focus and absorbed into the art, and I lose time and space, like a time travel to some other planet (Yeah, sometimes that fancy). Sometimes, it also helps me to experience, any present emotion/mood/turmoil/conflict/stress/love/joy/contentment etc. I am not sure, if you are able to understand what I am saying here, but this is how I practice. I shall post here, all my Zentangle, Doodling, pen-works, with the description of the art and the thought process along-with it.
In the end, I want to thank and express my love to my parents, my husband Karthik, my daughter, my relatives and my best friends, for their continuous encouragement, support and love to pursue my heart desire.
And lastly, I want to Thank My Spiritual Masters, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan for helping me connect with My Divine and giving me so many wonderful experiences and learning, and helping me live a very honored and grace filled life.
Ever at Their Lotus Feet! Pada Pranams to Them!
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Tree of Life – Zentangle Inspired Art

Past few hours I have been so much hooked with my sketch book and blackpens, loving the way microns and Faber-Castells glide thru the page, slowly and fully! Three doodles in less than 24 hours! Crazy Me 😀

Zentangle Inspired Art – The Tree of life

Doodle using Mooka

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Zentangle Mandala Art – The very first time

Zentangle Inspired Art – Mandala Design

This is my first Zentangle Inspired  Mandala Penwork, with intrinsic design. It took me 2 and half hours to complete. The design looks pretty much simple and easy, but what I understood is, it needs lots of focus and attention and slowing down. And that is what I love doing it. I love it, when I forget to sip the water or even when my favorite dark chocolate 🍫  piece is lying over near me, as I am working on any art. I don’t even need music to pump me up! All I need is, pattern emerging in the mind and the way I am pushing myself for the risk and challenge.