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Winter Carnival 2017

I would not have known myself so well, if my 8 year old daughter would not have all gaga over what I do whole day at home. Yeah, its Zentangle – the littlest tiles lying on my desks, drawers, shelves, kitchen, on the coffee table, everywhere. I draw little by little everywhere I walk around and then once in a week bring all those tiles in one place and try to attach them to the ring binders. 😃

So on Sunday  Dec 17, 2017 we, as family, had visited to Winter Carnival Festival 2017, at my daughter’s school. The arrangement was done very beautiful. The stage was set up for kids to perform solo and group cultural dance and music performances. On other side, kids and young children participated in the Art and Craft competition, for whom I was invited as judge to choose The Best Three!!! Truly speaking, when I see each kid’s drawing, I feel each one deserves to be given an award, for their enthusiasm and eagerness to participate into the competition. But just not by acknowledging them, we are killing their hopes and spirits, and very slowly their spirit to DREAM dies and Fear of Failures takes over…. So to parents (including me) of these kids, we should help our kids to be able to dream, even if they are not able to win the prizes. We should be capable enough to teach them that no one can interfere with their dream!!!

So while the kids were busy drawing and on the other side cultural activities were going on, I got a snippet of  short time to tangle my little tile, over my lap. I always try and carry a pen and few tiles just to keep me company. I went home and completed my shading.




As long as I waited for kids to complete their piece, I finished mine on my lap.
My girl participated in the Solo Singing
Lovely Festive Feel in the playground
It was an honour to receive acknowledgement from the Director of the school
My Artworks · The Workshop Stories

Fun Day @ Tangle and Inspire

Many months of curious faces and prying eyes into my artworks and messing around with my precious and expensive art supplies all turned worthy for them!!! My experience with my own kid, who is 8 years old, makes me realize that there is no end to the inquisitiveness and readiness to learn anything new in the world. They make it compulsory and important above anything and everything, to have whatever they dream. And so when such kids, who are always ready and became very vocal about their desires, I had to schedule one part of my day just for them.

Sunday, November 12, 2017, Tangle and Inspire launched its first ever tangling workshop, specially arranged for the primary level kids at my colony.  We also had a student who is preparing for a very tedious and stressed professional course. We had participants who never had comfortable experience using pen and pencil over the paper, but in the class, my whole focus was to share the power and potentials of the Zentangle(R) Method in a way that they could let go off their inner critic and enjoy the play of tangles and re-discover their hidden skills. It was such a fun morning.

Sharing few pics from the little party.


Within minutes of the Beginner’s class, peace and silence embarked and all of us got absorbed into the paper.IMG_20171112_105207.jpg

As the 3 Hour workshop was ending kids were all so happy and hopping around,  with widened smiles. They could not believe that pen drawings and shading could be so much fun. By the end of the workshop, each participants were sharing how differently they saw their own drawings; how much more we can play with the tangles. We also learned to appreciate each other’s positiveness that we brought into the class. With filled goody bag of their art supplies and exercises to do, left the meeting. 😊


Tangle and Inspire, will try and conduct further such events for all aged groups.

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To learn more about Zentangle(R), please visit their main website :

For more enquiries: email me at tangleandinspire at gmail dot com.

Thank you so much for your time and support. I deeply appreciate it. 🙂

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8 tiles out of 9

This month, I have taken up numerous art challenges, that’s what I feel. I want to make few handmade gifts and begun to ink them, then came The Inktober Tangles 2017 series of artworks, which will continue all along. this month and are helping me to explore tangles that I haven’t much explored in quite a while. Normally I would love taking up challenges, but this time, I am participating in too many challenges and time-bound works is what making it more hard. At home too, I am busy helping my kid prepare for her mid term exams, sort of diwali cleaning and decluttering, and hosting guests; making space for hours to draw is a bit difficult.

But then, just as Bijou suggests take it small, take it slow, and just with just one stroke at a time anything is possible. So from today I will draw just a bit I need to for the Inktober Tangles 2017, after all art is fun at work.

So yesterday I completed my eighth of the 9 Tiles, 9 week Challenge. I am posting all 8 tiles together. My daughter’s saying that it has come out like Puzzle…. and I quite agree to it.

My Artworks

Inktober Tangles 2017

Here begins the InktoberTangles2017! A way to create inkarts and drawings whole of the month. This is my first year of such a challenge, and I am using Stephanie’s Chart of Tangles. Today is my fifth day, and I have worked in more than 10 tiles. There are too many things going on, in my desk. Though, Zentangle is supposedly be done for fun and relaxation, but instead I have challenged myself a bit too much! Phew, crazy me…

I very well know, some of the challenges I might have to drop, but till then, I wanna have fun playing with pen, paper and colors.

#InktoberTangles2017 Day01 Using #Bunzo

#Inktober2017 Day2 using Dicso with the official theme Divided.

InktoberTangles2017 Day3 using #feelingknotty but hearty here

#inktobertangles2017 Day4 using. Divadance. This is just the lineart, will complete the whole piece later.

#inktobertangles2017 Day05 using #marasu. #crazynzeppel, #printemps #florz #akoya

My Artworks

Forpe Tangle Pattern

How did I stumble upon Forpe?

I was looking for some artbreak, after hours of sitting and completing my traveling tangle swap tiles. But I couldn’t sleep, I was probably creatively awake (came up with my own term), and when such times hit, I usually take any rough side of a sheet or a notepad, and start to tangle. I started with Zentangle Elemental Strokes such as curve line as in ‘C’and or an orb ‘O’. After some scribbles of strokes and orbs, forpe which has celtic feel  just happened. I then googled on the internet, and forpe looked much like a Quaternary Celtic Knot with four corners.  The celtic knots have certain meanings to them, and there are legends saying that the four cornered celtic knots was created as a symbol of protection.

After understanding the beautiful meaning of the celtic knots, I realized that I did not accidentally came across this symbolic tangle. The Higher Presence/God had a bit of message to me and I am so grateful to witness His Presence every now and then.

I continued to tangle again and again, trying to find any easy way to step-out the pattern, keeping Zentangle elemental strokes in mind. As I was enthusiastically drawing Forpe on my desk, my daughter Akshara, peeked into it, and mentioned that the tangles looked like petals. And it was her suggestion to keep the Tangle Name as Forpe (‘For’ as in Four and ‘Pe’ as in Petals). I often take her suggestion in mind, as their curious minds and raw mind see patterns and art differently.

So this is how I created Forpe. I start with 4 Orbs placed at each side north,south, east and west. This kind of Forpe creates Four Petal like shape. You can close the ends or keep it opened as you like.

Some of my Forpe are here:

This is Forpe starting with 4 orbs:


Here’s the Step Out:



So now, instead of playing with 4  just orbs, I added 4 more orbs after the initial Forpe is created and did it in the hollibaugh fashion.


Well, I wrote the tips in my journal, as how I did it. But I can understand that some of us will find it hard to read it, so, I will note it down here.


I created Forpe, using the new Zentangle Technique Tranzending. I have created a blogpost on my whole experiment on Tranzending. Do take time and visit the blog and let me know in comments your feedbacks. So back to this one; it was a Traveling Tile (swap tile) with Aishwarya Devi Suraj, another amazing tangler from Southern India. She does all kind of drawings, sketching and paintings other than tangling.  If you want to see her works and know about her, you can visit and follow her on Instagram :


So if you are excited to use Forpe Tangle form, here are some tips and tricks you would like to keep in mind. I hope I don’t sound boring and technical. I believe Zentangle Method of tangling is for relaxation and just fun. So just play around as much as you want to.

Tips and Tricks are:

  • Creating orbs in pairs makes it look more symmetrical in fashion, but if you want to experiment you can go ahead. I would love to see what you may come up.
  • Can create as many orbs and discs you want to but just see to that it knots at the end.

Recently, after many requests on facebook, I thought I come up with my own video on the How To Tangle Forpe. I have posted it on my youtube channel.

Check this link:

How to draw Tangle Forpe

If you like this post or any of my previous posts please leave your comments below. I love to read them and it somewhats peps me up to blog more. I would like to let you all know that I am still a newbie to wordpress and learning how to efficiently blog. I used to be an active blogger earlier but then after kid, I really never found time and patience to post my contents. That’s why, I even pulled down one of my blogger content. Hopefully, this time won’t happen. 🙂

Coming month, as its INKOCTOBER, an initiative started by Jake Parker to celebrate annual celebration of inkdrawings. So artists from all over the world take up the challenge to create 31 arts 31 days, and this time, I thought of taking up this challenge for Inkoctober Tangles 2017.  This challenge reminds me of how everyday creating small or big artwork has improved my own drawings. I think, I will write an article about this little initiative.

Thank you again for following me here on wordpress and instagram. I have found some wonderful Zentangle Mosaic Friends too. If you guys are on Zentangle Mosaic, do add me there. I would love to see your artworks and be inspired.

Happy Tangling!

My Artworks · Tranzending


Rick and Maria had posted their posts on their new Zentangle technique called Tranzending on the Zentangle Mosaic App. I was very curious about it and read Maria’s post over 10 times to understand and assimilate it. I even tried to watch other CZTs take on tranzending. Finally after a few failed attempts (failed attempts came out exotic; but just not tranzending) I came up with my own kind of tranzending.

This was my first attempt on Tranzending, on my Fabriano Quadrato Journal. I used Huggins and Ellish as tranzend.


This was my second attempt on Tranzending, using my imagination on how tranzending can look like: Tangles used Spoken and Aquafleur


This was on a Traveling Tangle Tile T3 of the Facebook Group Zentangle India. We exchanged our half done tiles and allow the other to complete the rest of it, in their own way. Its fun stuff to play. She is a wonderful artist and you can visit her Instagram page here


A week back, when I was looking for some inspiration, this tile traveling tile inspired me. Vandana Krishna is a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) from Bangalore, who also takes teaches Zentangle started with the centre tangle ing thereafter I added auroknot-bunzo and hemp and some tranzending of lines.


Zentangle HQ has recently come out with their new KTT Video, to know more on this new Tranzending Technique, you can watch this video. To know more on Zentangle Method, Martha Stewart has recently published a content on it. Check out her link.

JOEY'S Weekly Challenge · My Artworks

6 Out of 9 Tiles

I could not keep up with my last week’s challenge, so will post both the week’s challenge together.

Hubby’s old friend had come over to stay with us. She and her kid stayed with us for 10 days. In the day time, she would go for her dance practice classes and in the evening when we got sometime, we watched few Hindi/ Bollywood Inspiring Movies #Dangal #NilBatteySannata #MaryKom #ZindagiNaMilegiDobara and a light English movie #BeginAgain.

We have decided to send list of good movies to each other, as we realized that we liked the same kind of movies. It will be fun to watch some good movies in breaks.

So yesterday and today I completed my two week’s challenge together. Here it is

My Artworks · Zen and Zia Challenges

HeartZen 02

Last week, in one of the facebook group, weekly challenge (Yeah, I play and participate in lot of games), MargaretBremner’s String was the focus theme. After the Irma Hurricanes hit the shores of the Atlantic, I felt deeply affected by imagining the devastation caused by them.

My memory lane took me back to the earthquake that shook my hometown in Year 2001, and more than 10,000 people lost their lives. Most of the 3 storey building and higher fell down. The survivors left their home for weeks and months, as the trauma of the shaken city tormented them. But, inspite of all the fears and uncertainty, I have seen people coming closer, feeling emotional and love for the other. They talked with their distant families friends and offered help. Some even allowed strangers to live in their big homes, offered them food and psychological care to overcome the traumas. So, it is in my observation that in times of adversities, calamities, humans forget all the barriers and distances they had psychologically created and embrace the other inspite of the differences.

With all these contemplative thoughts and intention, I drew this Zentangle Tile, with MargaretBremner’s string, reminding me to pray for the people who went through the recent catastrophes caused by the Hurricanes, followed by the tornadoes. Sending prayers to the lost souls and also for the people who had to lose their essential goods and belongings to the calamities and thieves. Hopefully in coming days, they remain healthy and be able to restore their lives again.

This is the Rope String by MargaretBremner



Ps Note: My friend, DrEllie from Sint Marteen Island messaged to me saying she is safe. Thank you my dear Lord to save their lives and also helping them rebuild themselves.